Seven Nation Army Tabs - Guitar and Drums

The modern day classic beginner song. - Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. Here are a couple of versions of Seven Nation Army guitar and drum tabs. Super easy version even kids can play and a more realistic version for anyone!


Jace Snel

3/17/20236 min read

silhouette of people standing on top of mountain
silhouette of people standing on top of mountain

From Smoke on the Water to Seven Nation Army: The Evolution of Guitar Classics

Here we are going to look at some Seven Nation Army tabs for the Guitar and Drums. Beginner or not, we've got you covered.

"Seven Nation Army" – it's a song that needs no introduction. You've probably heard it a million times on the radio, at sports events, and in movies. It's the kind of song that gets stuck in your head for days. But did you know that it's also the go-to track for most aspiring guitar players? That's right, if you're just starting out on guitar, chances are this song is on your list to learn and probably something that'll be suggested early by your teacher.

In this post, we're going to take a dive into "Seven Nation Army" and explore different difficulty versions of the song. With its catchy rhythm and straightforward drumming, it's a great choice for your first song on guitar. We'll start with a simple version that's perfect for beginners, but if you're feeling up to the challenge, we'll also cover a more complex version of the song that's played in the correct key. So... Why both?

Here's the thing about "Seven Nation Army" – it's an interesting song to start with. When you listen to the album version, it sounds like there's a bass guitar playing. However, it's actually Jack White using a different kind of guitar and a slide. This creates a bassier and thicker sound that's difficult to replicate on a regular guitar. It's a challenge that many guitar players face when learning the song. Playing it in tune can be a struggle, and the song can sound high-pitched compared to the album version. But fear not – we have some tips and tricks that will help you get the sound you're after. So let's dive in!

Seven Nation Army Guitar Tabs.

Here are two different tabs for the song. The first version is a simple "Seven Nation Army" tab that's in a slightly different key than the original. This version makes the song sound bassier and is perfect for beginners who are just getting started with the guitar. Most of the notes fall on the "dots" on the guitar, making it easy to play.

Seven Nation Army Simple Tab
Seven Nation Army Simple Tab

The second version is in the correct key but may require a bit more skill to play. This version sounds more like the original song, but you may need a bass player or an octave pedal to really make it sound great. Don't worry though, it's still a good version to learn and play along with.

Seven nation army intermediate tab
Seven nation army intermediate tab

One thing to note is that we've added a variation on some of the "Seven Nation Army" guitar tabs that you'll find in the song. In the tab above you will find it in as the 4th group of notes in the intro and chorus. This variation is usually used as a lead-in to another section of the song, and it adds a bit of complexity to the riff.

It's also worth noting that Jack White plays this song with a slide and has stated in interviews that he used a Kay Hollowbody guitar for the recording of the song. He played the guitar with a slide on the fifth fret and tuned it down. When you're playing the song, make sure to listen to the original version to get the timing of the notes right, and keep an ear out for those variations. With a bit of practice, you'll be playing "Seven Nation Army" like a pro in no time.

Seven Nation Armies drums are simple yet powerful, featuring a kick and floor tom combination that creates a massive sound. In this section, we'll take a look at a straightforward Seven nation army drum tab for the song - perfect for beginners.

Before we dive into the tab, it's worth noting that there are a few variations to the song. However, we'll start with the basic version to give you a solid foundation. The key to mastering any drum part is to practice each part separately and work on maintaining a steady rhythm over many repetitions. If you need some help keeping time, consider using a metronome or even listening to the song on headphones to get a feel for the groove.

One of the coolest things about "Seven Nation Army" is Meg White's drumming. Although she's not the flashiest drummer out there, she has a killer groove and really sells the song. To get the most out of this drum tab, I recommend listening to the song and paying attention to Meg's playing. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even check out some videos of her playing on YouTube.

As you practice the drum tab, keep in mind that adding cymbal crashes can help bring your performance to life. Listen to the song to hear where Meg adds her crashes, and try to incorporate them into your playing. With some practice and dedication, you'll be rocking out to "Seven Nation Army" in no time.

gray drum set
gray drum set

Here's a simple Seven Nation Army drum tab!

Here's my easy version of the drums for Seven Nation Army. It's really just boiled down to three simple patterns. Listen along to the song once you get this part down to build your sound!

Seven Nation Army Simple Drumming
Seven Nation Army Simple Drumming

Getting it together as a band

Now that you've learned the guitar and drum parts, it's time to put it all together as a band. Start with the kick drum and get the main riff going. Once you've found your groove, try adding the build-up and transition to the chorus.

If you're feeling ambitious, there are some great versions of the solo out there to try. Keep in mind that it's played with a slide, so it may be challenging for beginners. You'll also find different versions of the drums. I recommend starting basic and putting your own flavor on it!

As you practice together, make sure to check your timing and communicate with each other. Look at each other while you practice so that eventually, you won't have to. If things aren't sounding quite right, there are a few things to check. Are all the instruments in tune? Are you all playing the same version, in the same key? Are you transitioning at the right time?

"Counting out loud, in the beginning, may feel dumb but helps a lot with your timing."

Remember, playing in a band is about working together and creating something great. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things. With practice and persistence, you'll be playing "Seven Nation Army" like a pro in no time!

What guitar did Jack White use in Seven Nation Army?

It's a 1950s-style Airline guitar, which he customized and dubbed the "Airline Jack White." The unique-looking red and white guitar looks like it came out of the fallout universe.

Is Seven Nation Army easy to play on guitar?

It's one of those easy-to-learn, hard-to-master kinds of songs. The main riff is very easy in its most basic form however, to make it sound like Jack White live, well... Jack is known as one of the best guitarists of the last 30 years. He makes a 2-piece sound fill a stadium. The slide solo is moderately difficult. I would consider it easy compared to some of the songs out there,v however!

Can you play Seven Nation Army on the Ukulele?

Well, in my opinion... not really no. Of course you can play most songs on any instrument, but does it sound good on Ukulele? Not unless you do some serious modification to the sound by way of an octave pedal or maybe a tuned down baritone ukulele.

Whether you're a drummer or guitarist, "Seven Nation Army" is an excellent song to kick off your musical journey. Its straightforward riffs, driving beat, and overall simplicity makes it both enjoyable and approachable. So, take your time to practice each part separately and focus on nailing your timing. With enough practice, you'll be playing this iconic tune with ease and confidence in no time!

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