5 Great songs for kids learning Guitar.

As a music teacher, I find that current music or music that is well known by children is the best starting off point. Today I would like to discuss some of the most loved songs amongst my students that are easy to learn and fun!


Jace Snel

2/19/20231 min read

Learning instruments can be challenging for children. Especially when their heart isn't quite in it. My job as a teacher is to find music that the students will love and want to engage with. They will tell their friends about them. They'll practice extra hard to show off or to just be able to do something they love.

1. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes. This is a modern classic rock song. Everyone knows it, even if they don't. Every kid has heard it somewhere and they all love it. One of the easiest starting riffs for anyone on guitar that you can stomp your foot to, sing along, and sound like a one-man band! This is the new Smoke on the Water. Plenty of tabs out there but id start with the easiest version - On the low E - 5-5-8-5-3-1-0.

2. You need to calm down - Taylor Swift. Great for Taylor Swift fans. 2 notes with a slide between them and a couple of chords! https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/taylor-swift/you-need-to-calm-down-tabs-2749227

3. Lonely Boy - The Black Keys. Modified version, when it says dive bomb. Look to slide from 12th fret down. https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/the-black-keys/lonely-boy-tabs-1121314

4. Love Yourself - Justin Bieber. Written by Ed Sheeran, this is a great song that pairs well with the next one in terms of style. Great intro to using multiple fingers to play https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/justin-bieber/love-yourself-tabs-1830610

5. Enough - charlieonnafriday. This is just a banger with a nice easy part, not too fast and catchy. There isnt a great tab of this, so ill post a basic version of the intro below.